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Benefits Of Being A Certified Trainer

The first thing about being a fitness trainer is that you are practically your own boss and have all the time to yourself to properly plan. It is an idle carrier for those that want to have any extra income, while keeping fit and healthy.

Being certified keeps you above the competition, especially being a member of a prestigious body such as European Registered Exercise Professionals (EREPs). This makes you relevant and helps to retain your existing clients. Many recreational facilities and leisure centres are opening all over Nigeria every day and there is high demand for not only experienced trainers, but certified trainers; trainers that understand the human body, the gym environment and can develop programs for individuals and groups in a gym setting. Also with the extremely tight schedules that most working people have, personal training service is also bringing in loads of earnings for those that are certified and have the kind of backing that accredited certification institutes or colleges provide.

Opportunities and avenues for better income as a fitness instructor have never been better, with more businesses recognizing seminars and talks on the importance and benefits of healthy living. Wellness and fitness programs are also promoted in the corporate sector through benefits and compensating for the gym fees etc.

With obesity on the rise a fitness instructor can help a generation get on their feet and be healthy. You can be in the “do-good” “feel-good” job with added benefits to your health if you choose a career as a fitness instructor. Also with health club memberships on the rise and the growing demand for this profession, it is most likely that the earning potential increases for those in wellness, fitness career.

As a fitness instructor you may find your career in a gym or a health club, in your own studio, as a personal trainer or even as a corporate fitness expert. It all depends on where your interests are and how you want to diversify your talent and expertise.

With the aid of technology you could become a certified fitness trainer, without having to leave the comfort of your home or workplace.

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