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Fitness Seminar_Abuja Dec 2015


  1. Jay Anejo

    7 years ago  

    this was something we all looked forward to with great anticipation and for it to have cone and gone and to see it in pictures like this just makes it an even more incredible landmark…
    kudos all

  2. Paul

    7 years ago  

    Waw.. I have been looking out for workshops like this for a very long time. I did love to be a part of it,I’m based in Lagos. Also would like to get updates on your workshop dates,venue & time so I can make out time to be a part of it. I’m a Fitness trainer,but I really need to step up what I’m doing & that’s where you come in. If there is like a whatsapp group ppls.. “08035293213” add me up. Thanks.

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