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The first of its kind, this Institute was established with the help of Internationally recognized Fitness & Health Professionals to Train & Certify Exercise Professionals as well as accredit Gym facilities in Nigeria. It is Europe Active Accredited.


Gym Accreditation

Membership into the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals (IREP) is currently free for all existing gyms.

Personal Training

We train and equip you for a brilliant personal training career, with a certification accepted anywhere in the world.

First Aid & CPR

We train and get you certified in First Aid and CPR. Training is tailored to your work environment.


iRep partners with the following local and International Fitness and medical corporate bodies and organisations to bring you a well rounded, world-class fitness training and education and a fully accredited and recognized certification to kick-start your career.


Eccentric contraction breaks down muscle fibers fast.

In eccentric action, muscles are stretched while contracting. This happens during downhill walking or running or at the end of a long-distance run. Of course, can be achieved in resistance training, and it’s beneficial for hypertrophy in the presence of BCAA in the diet. It’s detrimental in Aerobic exercise if it is excessive as it can lead to muscle atrophy.

Oludare Victor Olayiwola. CFT, MSc. Exercise Physiology.