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How To Become a Personal Trainer in Nigeria

Becoming a personal trainer is a brilliant career move for people who love exercising and are very passionate about helping people around them live healthier lifestyles through exercise routines and programs. Many do not know that they can transform their passion of exercise into a source of income and so do not understand the enormous potential available to them in the Nigerian Fitness industry, so we will like to help you become a personal trainer and start earning big today. The following steps is all you need to getting qualified and becoming a personal trainer in Nigeria as you join the league of professional exercise practitioners.
What do I need to be a personal trainer?
There are only three things you need to become a personal trainer in Nigeria and these are the things clients are checking before they hire a trainer.

1. A reputable training provider
2. Personal Trainer Qualification
3. First Aid Certification


1. Find a reputable training provider
Getting certified in a government approved and accredited training center is very important, as you make sure they are a recognized provider within the fitness industry in Nigeria and are approved by the Nigerian Ministry of Education and that they offer fully accredited courses by a known professional body. Currently in Nigeria the Institute of registered Exercise Professionals (IREP) stands at the fore front of Exercise Education and Certifications, with partners such as National Institute of Sports (NIS) and Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP).

2. Personal Trainer Qualification
The personal trainer course entitles a person to start working as a personal trainer in Nigeria and internationally, the course can take as long as 2 weeks to 6 months depending on your type of study.
If you are new to personal training, we advice you go through our Gym Basic Certification course or the Level 1 Fitness Trainer course, which will present the basic knowledge and principles necessary to create effective training programs. If you are an experienced personal trainer, this course reviews and summarizes basic, unchanging principles. Regular review of these principles makes it easier to incorporate new information with your experiences.


3. First Aid Certificate
The first aid certificate, sometimes known as an emergency first aid at work qualification, is a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognized certification.
It teaches personal trainers how to perform basic first aid in case any of their clients should sustain an injury during training. It is valid for two years before it needs to be renewed.
You can take a course with us to obtain a first aid certificate


Written by:

Joel Uzamere FIREP, REPs UK (Master Trainer)


  1. Michael okoi Uket

    3 years ago  

    I want a course online because I can’t travel and want to know the financial implications

  2. sambo timothy

    3 years ago  

    Type your comment here…#love keep on keeping on

  3. NTB Nsing

    3 years ago  

    Where in Nigeria are you? and what is the financial implications?

  4. NTB Nsing

    3 years ago  

    Is they an online studies, and what is the financial implications pls?

  5. Ali Ina

    3 years ago  

    i am already a practicing aerobics instructor but i need certification and if it means going to the basics from the scratch, and getting it from professionals like you, i’m game… 2017 i must get it right with IREP…

  6. Ada

    3 years ago  

    How do I begin
    I love exercising and would love to make a career out of it.
    I live in portharcourt.

    1. Joel Uzamere

      3 years ago  

      Hello Ada,
      The first thing is to get certified, so simply register
      and we will privately guide through starting a course.
      Seasons greetings!

  7. victory

    2 years ago  

    I really am interested to begin as well. Are you located in Abuja, if yes where and how do I start.

    1. John

      2 years ago  

      Am a personal trainer I stay in lekki lagos I need to have certificate how can register

  8. Owhore Gaga Wilson

    2 years ago  

    I am in PH and want to become a trainer being a former footballer,can i combine my work with training?, suggestion please

    1. Joel Uzamere

      2 years ago  

      Hello Wilson,
      You can do our e-learning courses, which gives you the flexibility of a work-study option.
      Email: for any questions.

  9. Shuhob

    2 years ago  

    Hi any female personal trainer to train a female living in apapa. Please mail me at

  10. oyekan oyedeji

    1 year ago  

    this is a lovely system here i got your hand bill from John Anejo here in Abuja,
    i have peruse your site and courses, i am new to the fitness business. does that mean i will start from the course meant for assistants?

  11. Jennifer

    6 months ago  

    Hello, I love exercising and I would love to make a career out of it, I would love to know how I can start, become certified and also the finance involved to complete the process.
    I really would prefer a physical class instead of an online one.

    1. Joel Uzamere

      6 months ago  

      Hello Jennifer,
      Thank you for contacting IREP.
      One of our student affair executive will be in touch.

      Stay fit!


  12. O'Neil Harry

    6 months ago  

    Pardon me, is the exam for the fitness assistant course online?

    1. Joel Uzamere

      5 months ago  

      Yes, the examination for Assistant Fitness Trainer is online.

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